About PACA

We manage ourselves

Since 2001 we have been “self managed” meaning we lease the site from the Borough and manage all aspects of site supervision, maintenance and development ourselves. We are officially known as Pitshanger Allotment and Conservation Association or PACA. Our “independent status” has meant that, for example, we have built our own borehole so that we no longer depend on mains water and need never fear the dreaded hose pipe bans in dry times.

Plot Size

PACA offers gardeners a total of 208 plots of slightly varying sizes with the average size being 5 by 25 metres. Some of these plots are worked as half plots which is obviously a good idea for novices or for those whose strength may be waning.


In recent years, there has been a surge in demand for allotments and we now have no instantly available plots. We therefore operate a waiting list for would be gardeners. Please see the “how to apply page” if you are interested in trying your hand at allotmenting. At the moment the time between first application and being offered a plot is between 18 and 15 months.


Once you are offered a plot you will pay rent based on the size of your plot for a one year tenancy which will run from 1st October each year .

Probation and Inspection

Your first year is a probation year where you see whether you are able to maintain your plot as specified in our rules. (see Our Constitution and Rules page for details).

Even when you have successfully completed your probation period, your plot, along with everyone else’s, will be inspected by members of the management committee several times a year to ensure that all plots are being used for the purposes specified in our constitution. (Please see Constitution and Rules Page.)

Management and Member Involvement

Once you’ve paid your rent you automatically become a member of PACA and have the chance to play an active part in the Association. The Management Committee, consisting of Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary. Lettings Manager , Events Organiser and  3 other members meets regularly to review the running of the site and promote its development. Key policy is set at the Annual General Meeting held every September which every member is encouraged to attend. As a new member we will be delighted to make use of any of your talents and skills you are able to share.