3.1 Can I build a shed?

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Yes. You can build or erect a shed of no larger than 244 cm width x 183 cm depth and 213 cm height. Greenhouses and Polytunnel are also allowed with the same size restriction.

Structures including sheds, polytunnel and greenhouses must not cover more than 20% of the area of your plot.

Try to site your shed and green house or poly tunnel in a position that is not too visible from outside, to reduce risk of vandalism and be considerate to your neighbours. It should not create shade on your neighbours plot. The best position is 0.75 metres from a shared grass path (south) and 1 metre away from shared drain or roadway (east/west).

If you plan to build your own shed, we now have to insist that all sheds are of ‘commercial’ sheds in size and style. Click on the link below.

Sheds size and design

Please post your application in a sealed envelope addressed to PACA (shed application) and place in the post box at the Trading Hut. Click on the link below.

Shed Application


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