2.11 Is parking allowed on the allotment site?

No parking is not allowed on the site without a blue badge. There is a policy of ‘stop & drop’, with a 20 minute maximum time limit. Please park your vehicle in the council car park at the entrance to Pitshanger Park.

2.5 What should I do if I see someone I don’t know on site?

Don’t be afraid to ask people what they are doing. They may be plot holders you don’t know, who are looking around, or Committee members – you can easily check which plot they come from by asking a few questions. If they are members of the public please ask them politely to leave.

2.3 What do I do if I see evidence of theft, vandalism or other crime?

Call 111 (local police). If the perpetrator(s) are present, call 999 from a safe distance. Wait for the police to arrive so that you can show them what you saw. Give them as much information as you can, especially if you saw anyone. Inform the Secretary after, not before, you inform the police.

2.2 Do I have to lock the gates?

You can leave the gate open on Saturday and Sunday 10-12, when the Trading Hut is open, and when annual events are taking place. You will see a notice on the gate if there is an event. Please lock the gate every other time you arrive and leave, and also lock the gate if you Read More …

2.4 Can I invite visitors to my plot?

A plot-holder can invite up to 6 only visitors to their plot. The plot holder is responsible for the visitors’ safety. They are not allowed to wonder around the site or on any other plot. They must not pick or interfere with produce of other plots.

2.6 Is the water in the allotments drinkable?

There are two source of water supplies. One is from the taps near your plot, which is for watering the plot. The source of this water is from a ‘borehole’ and is not recommended for drinking.  For drinking purpose only, there is a  tap behind the Trading Hut. Please remember, all water supply is shut over the winter periods until Read More …