As the reminiscences and photographs in this section illustrate, the allotments in Pitshanger have undergone a number of significant changes in the last 100 years.
These changes reflect not only legislation but also different patterns of management and control, different social attitudes and gender roles and the significance of gardening in times of war and peace.

Summary of Pitshanger Allotments

  • The Allotments in Pitshanger Park began informally in 1915 in sections of the park at a time of First World War.
  • The first plots on our current site were let out in 1927. Rents were paid directly to the Municipal Borough of Ealing.
  • The Second World War saw large sections of Pitshanger Park used for food production as part of The Dig for Victory campaign.
  • A further Act in 1950 extended the rights of plot-holders to keep poultry and other domestic animals on site and also to build sheds and other appropriate structures
  • In 2000 Pitshanger Allotments became self management. A lease agreement was reached with the London Borough of Ealing.