6.5 I’ve been asked to give up my plot, can I appeal?


You will have gone through a process of discussion about your neglect of your plot, lack of cultivation or possibly infringement of our rules/upsetting your neighbours. If appropriate, you will have been made an offer to move to a more manageable plot, or reduce your plot(s), to give you a chance to succeed. The Committee will also consider all of the positive actions you may have taken, including work to your plot, voluntary work on site, etc, and any health or personal issues. All of this is weighed up before a decision is made at Committee meeting to ask you to give up your plot.

If you feel that the decision was not fair, please write to the Committee Secretary, stating your reasons. You may be asked to attend a Committee meeting to discuss this further.

Please understand that we try to keep the rules reasonable and to have as few as possible but be aware that your tenancy is renewed each year, provided you keep to those rules.

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