1.3 What should I do about weeds?

Make sure to regularly weed your own plot, ideally by hand pulling, forking or hoeing. Please note that you are not allowed to use weed killers liberally on the plot or paths.

Most weeds are easily managed by regular weeding. There are only a few which are pernicious. These include: bindweed, ground elder, bramble, couch grass and Japanese Knotweed (luckily we don’t have the latter).

We strongly advise that you DO NOT rotovate a weed-covered plot. Rotovation will increase pernicious weeds by chopping the roots up so that they can multiply.

We also strongly discourage the use of carpet to suppress weeds. Carpets leach harmful chemicals into the soil, and are extremely difficult to remove once embedded in the ground.

The are better ways to deal with weeds are:

  • Mulching your plot will help to suppress weeds. Making your own leaf mulch and compost can save money. You need to put a layer of at least 60 mm to suppress weeds.
  • Porous, plastic weed matting is sold in the trading hut. If you cover grassed/weed covered areas for a season, the vegetation will break down and the ground should be much easier to dig. Waterproof tarpaulins are not recommended.
  • Raised beds are often a good idea. These can be made from scraps of wood sometimes found in skips or from scaffolding planks and posts which may be purchased from the hut.

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