4.4 What if there is something I want which is not on sale?

Put your requests in the Comments and Suggestions book. The Shop may also send out a questionnaire. We have to buy in bulk, with limited funds, so we may not be able to meet every request, but the Shop work hard to get in what people want.

4.3 What does the Trading Hut stock?

Each year the Shop reviews what has sold well and what people have requested. Seed potatoes are particularly good value with advice coming free. We aim to provide good value for money on a non-profit basis and offer an opportunity to come and talk to a member of the committee while also raising a little Read More …

4.2 Why isn’t the Trading Hut open more often?

The shop is run by volunteers, and weekends are the most convenient day for most people. Please look out for requests for help when deliveries come in, and consider volunteering in the Shop.

4.1 When is the Trading Hut open?

It usually opens at the weekend in March and closes at the end of October but if Robert is on site he will try to assist you with your requirements at other times.