Newsletter January 2020

11th January 2020

Happy New Year for 2020

A Happy New Year to everyone! The days are starting to lengthen again so you may want to think about ordering your seeds / plants for the coming season. Whenever you start cultivating your plots we hope you have a successful and productive year.


Unfortunately we’ve recently had complaints from a member of the public about smoke from bonfires causing nuisance to people in the park. Whilst you’re allowed to have bonfires please respect other plotholders and the public by following our guidelines / rules about lighting bonfires, which are set out below;

  • Between 1 May and 31 August, they can only be lit after 7pm.
  • Between 1 September and 30 April, they can be lit at any time.
  • Choose a still day so that wind won’t spread smoke to nearby homes or public paths in the park.
  • Please check with neighbours before having a bonfire to ensure it won’t cause a nuisance to other plotholders.
  • If requested by a neighbour or a member of the public in the park to put out a bonfire please extinguish it immediately.
  • Only burn dry vegetable waste or timber from your plot to reduce smoke from the fire.
  • Never burn plastics, rubber, carpets or other toxic waste material.
  • Ensure the bonfire is supervised at all times and completely extinguished before leaving your plot.

Please respect these rules as otherwise complaints may continue and if they persist we may have to ask plotholders not to light bonfires. Many thanks.

Site Access

Ealing Council have arranged for improvement works to be carried out to paths and lighting in the vicinity of the allotment site. The work will be starting on Monday 13 January and will take about six weeks. Diversions will be in place and will affect vehicle access from the end of Perivale Gardens to the allotments, whilst the improvements are made. Please look at the signs posted on trees along the access path for more details.

PACA Committee