Shed Break-Ins

1st March 2020

Earlier this week many of the sheds on the site were broken into / opened and tools kept in them taken. It looks as though the culprits gained access into the site by climbing over the fence and hedge at the southwest corner of the site and making off with the stolen items in a vehicle parked on Argyle Road. If you saw anything suspicious on Tuesday please let us know. We propose to thicken up the hedgerow planting at this corner of the site to deter intruders in future. In the meantime can we remind everyone of the following:

  • Please don’t keep anything of value in your shed as the site is not secure
  • Please don’t put a lock on your shed; it will only increase the damage  if your shed is broken into and may give the impression you have valuable items in there
  • Please check your shed as soon as possible and consider reporting any losses to the police.

Your home insurance may cover any items you kept in your shed, so it’s worth checking.

Many thanks

PACA Committee